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RV Gear Review: Telescoping Extension Ladder

by rvroadramblers
Ollieroo telescoping aluminum extension ladder
Ollieroo telescoping aluminum extension ladder

Telescoping Extension Ladder made by Ollieroo

Let’s face it when it comes to living full time in an RV, Nicole & I have found that there are a few accessories that just make some tasks a bit easier to accomplish. One such RV accessory that Nicole and I have found is our beloved telescoping aluminum extension ladder made by Ollieroo.

If you have not yet come across one of these amazing pieces of equipment, I think you will be quite impressed. At least I know that we were. Especially after doing our research on the Ollieroo.

This ultra-compact, lightweight extension ladder appears to be designed with the full-time RV’er in mind being that it is so compact, versatile, lightweight, durable, safe, and surprisingly affordable. Let’s take a closer look at some of the specific details that make this one of our favorite RV accessories.

It’s Compact

A primary consideration when choosing items as cargo in an RV There is only a limited amount of space to store things and so this space is a precious commodity and competition for it becomes quite fierce!

This is one of the great features of the Ollieroo telescoping extension ladder, its overall width is just 19. It is available in several models that offer optional heights to choose from. Different models will be different sizes when fully collapsed. Ours model is14′ (13.5′) when fully extended, which works perfectly with the size of our RV. Our Ollieroo measures just under 3′ tall (35.5″) when fully retracted. It also has a nylon strap with velcro attached to it that wraps around all the rungs to help secure it in its collapsed position and make it easier to carry.

telescoping extension ladder fully extended against side of RV
Great for clearing off the slide-outs before travel!

It’s Versatile

The specific model that we chose for our extension ladder has a total of 14 rungs each of them. Each rung is spaced 12″ apart when extended. The rungs are equipped with a set of spring locking thumb latches at either side. The latches allow you to extend the ladder by 12″ increments to the desired height. and rung configuration, which makes it very versatile for many applications and situations that you may have when needing to use the ladder.

It’s Lightweight

One thing is for sure, if you’ve ever had the experience of picking up a traditional extension ladder and then trying to carry it anywhere, especially by yourself, the first thing you will notice is how heavy and cumbersome these ladders can be making it a difficult task to simply move it around. This is where the Ollieroo telescoping aluminum extension ladder really stands out (pun intended) from its more traditional cousins. The model that we chose weighs a mere 27.5 lbs.! And this is another especially important factor for RV’ers as there is only a limited amount of weight capacity that an RV can carry making every single ounce count.

Craig climbing the telescoping extension ladder
Very safe, sturdy and strong

It’s Durable

When Nicole & I first began doing our research and shopping for an extension ladder that would work for our lifestyle, we were a little surprised to come across quite a few articles, comments, and reviews that indicated that there were several brands of these telescoping extension ladders out there and that many had reported issues of mechanical failures, which made us a little leary. The research showed us that the Ollieroo ranked highest in customer reviews and comments.

This telescoping aluminum extension ladder is constructed of a high-quality tubular aluminum alloy giving it amazing strength and integrity. Our specific model is rated for 330lbs which works well for us but other weight capacities are available for different needs. The Olieroo is certified EN131, which is a European safety standard specifically for portable ladders made of metal materials, so that added to our peace of mind when trying to decide if this ladder was safe or not.

Ollieroo telescoping aluminum extension ladder in the snow
Our Olieroo in a Colorado Blizzard!

Nicole & I have owned our telescoping extension ladder for 4yrs. I can tell you that we have used this ladder more than I ever thought we would when we were looking to purchase it and we have used it in some of the most extreme conditions of wet, snow, heat, and cold and this amazing ladder still functions like it is brand new! The plastic thumb locks continue to work flawlessly, the rungs still extend and retract smoothly and we have just never had one single problem with this RV accessory. honestly feel like we still have many years of use left in our Ollieroo.

It’s Safe

Ok, so a few items related to the safety of this telescoping aluminum ladder. I know that we’ve already mentioned a few things that could be classified as safety features in the durability section of this post, but there are a few more that I think are worth mentioning here. The Ollieroo ladder includes a non-slip sleeve at the top of each side rung. There is also a pair at both feet that provide really good traction at either end of the ladder. I think this is SO nice as I have had traditional style extension ladders slip on me before and clearly, that is NO fun! The Ollieroo also provides non-slip ribbing molded into each rung that provides safe traction where needed most.

It’s Affordable

The bottom line, in terms of affordability, is that both Nicole and myself agree that this extension ladder is well worth its modest price tag for us. And this is our honest, personal opinion as we are not recieving any type of commission for writing this article or posting links to its product page. So you can be sure that this is just our honest opinion about a product we use and love.

Olieroo Telescoping Extension Ladder: Summary

So in summary of what we have covered above, the Ollieroo telescoping extension ladder is a convenient, compact, versatile, lightweight RV accessory that is also durable, safe, and when considering its amazing compatibility with the RV lifestyle, should fit nicely within just about any serious RV’ers budget level. If you would like to check out the Olieroo telescoping extension ladder we’ve been discussing, I have provided a link here.

Here’s a short video showing our telescoping extension ladder check it out!

Ollieroo Collapsible Aluminum Extension Ladder: Review

If you have any questions you’d like to ask us about our telescoping ladder, please be sure to ask us in the comment section below.

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