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Craig explains RV Fridge Fix

Learning to “Keep our Cool!”

by Craig Roberts

Well, by now it’s no secret that at any time and for any reason you should find yourself in any sort of predicament and looking for a fairly quick solution, that within a few clicks you can find yourself swimming in a vast sea of information all eerily related to your specific scenario! I have to admit though, it’s pretty creepy sometimes just how accurate those little requests can get! Nicole & I often joke that our cell phones are most assuredly tapped as we can be discussing a particular subject involving say, a specific object even and a few minutes later be checking our FB and have ads promoting those subjects or products! Nevertheless, I still believe that it is an amazing benefit that I can easily overlook or take for granted. The ability to solve a problem within such a relatively short period of time or have access to SO many experts within only a few minutes is mindboggling and absolutely amazing for sure! And in most cases, can even save you all kinds of money in the process!

Anyway, all that aside, we recently were handed another one of those great opportunities where we found ourselves with, as most of these incidences are, an unplanned and unexpected issue with our RV Fridge! It happened as we lie there in our bed one beautifully lazy morning which was quite abruptly interrupted by a stray Gulf thunderstorm. The rain was remarkedly heavy and pushed by a strong Westerly wind which drove the rain in an almost horizontal fashion making direct contact with the side of our rig that contains our RV Fridge.

Well, that was just the beginning of what would turn out to be quite the educational experience from which we learned a few things and at the end of it all, felt accomplished as well as inspired enough so that we shot and posted this latest YouTube Video to accompany this Blog post, all of which are things that have been heavy on my heart to start putting up here as we had originally intended. Which just goes to show that you never know what all kinds of good can come when you find yourself in a struggle and tryin to keep your cool! 😉

So at this point, if you are at all interested in how we managed during our little RV Fridge Adventure and the steps we took to fix it, we would love to invite you to check out the following video and as always, if you haven’t done so already, please be sure to Like, Subscribe, Follow and Share with others that you think might could benefit from these stories. We’d also appreciate any comments you might have as we always love to hear from our Family, Friends, and Readers!

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