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Alive at 25

by rvroadramblers


      Believe it or not, my beloved family, friends, and followers today marks our 25th day of life on the road as full-timers.  Though I had dreamed of making daily inspirational blog posts in conjunction with full-length award-winning video posts to our Youtube channel, I believe it would be grossly understated to say that reality made its early and staunch debut totally realigning my ambitious expectations to the task.

But after 3,500 beautiful, adventure-filled miles I find myself situated in a very quaint small town city park in the middle of North Dakota overlooking their beautifully manicured golf course while majestic beams of light pour out a glorious sunset filtering through the vast array of Elms, Oaks, and Pines across the open field. I am happy to report that not only am I able to finally write a post but am able to also declare that we are most certainly still alive and kick’n. In fact, I might even be tempted to say that much has happened in these last few weeks to inspire and breathe new energy into the very core of my being. To tear away the flesh of old hardened patterns and routines leaving me beautifully vulnerable and seemingly more awake. As every day poses an abundant supply of the new and unfamiliar with ever streaming opportunity’s to challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally, but reward you with the churning fresh perspective that fills your heart with wholesome homegrown accomplishments and inspiration.

As a team, the four of us, Nicole, Christian, Chase and I have not only had to overcome the obvious flarings and volatility of our new micro enhanced environment and strenuous continuity but I believe it is fair to say that we have each been found by our own personal internal demons for which we have been able to become more acutely acquainted and have made definite strides toward positive inclusivity of the party as a whole.

This first small but very significant portion of our journey has been packed full of all the makings of a beautifully illustrated and action-packed adventure film. Whereas we have been taken to some incredibly fascinating nooks and crannies of our Nations precious mid-west. To see vast collections of great beauty both natural and those by the hands of great men, women, and children who have left their mark upon us in only the most majestic and individual way that they could. Though I would love to share them all here with this post, I am afraid that it would be a great disservice as I feel that the quality would only get lost in the quantity of trying such a task. I can only promise to commit to bringing forth the many stories in smaller portions and throughout many future posts to come.

I will end for now by summarizing with this simple observation from the first 25 days of our big adventure together, that it has become truth to me, where once there was only a suspicion, that there is a great big beautiful world out there alive and amazing beyond what simple words can convey. Mostly, of people filled with their own dreams and creativity expressing their hearts in a most extraordinary display of love compassion and devotion. It is an experience fueled by great wonder for which I am completely and eternally grateful to witness and be granted the opportunity to maintain.

– Craig R.

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Susan Dunlap July 10, 2017 - 5:39 am

I love the way you see the world, Craig! Thank you for taking us all along with you in posts like this. <3

Pugh August 4, 2018 - 4:41 pm

Giving me a lot of inspiration for our own future!! Thanks for sharing!!


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