About Us

wp_20160923_14_17_31_pro__highres We are Craig & Nicole, aka the RV Roadramblers. A couple of divorced, single parent, forty-something’s with nomadic hearts, a BIG dream and perhaps just a touch of crazy!

After some time of looking around and taking inventory of our somewhat cut-and-paste American Dream Lifestyle, we decided to mix things up a bit, take a chance, and step out into the great unknown by selling the vast majority of almost forty yrs. worth of accumulated……well, we’ll just call it “stuff”, and traded it all in for a newer one ton dually and a 40′ Keystone Montana fifth wheel trailer to assume the place we now call home.

It has now become our heart-filled ambition to slowly transition away from the traditional sticks and bricks lifestyle and morph into the ever changing, wide open spaces of the great outdoors and whatever that may bring. We hope to drop a few gears and slow the pace. To open our eyes a little wider to the natural wonders and beauty that is all around us. To meet and make as many new friends from as many different locations and backgrounds and to breath deep and be nourished holistically from the totality of life.

We have been steadily paving the way through new and exciting ventures such as our latest project with an online Etsy store called Zero to Zen that gives us an opportunity to display some of our creative, home-made, soul-inspired arts, crafts, jewelry and other related artifacts that are somewhat reflective of our personal perspectives on life. It is our hope that through the generous purchases made through our store will help to provide us with a source of income needed to offset the relatively small cost of maintaining a modest life on the road.

Another big project for us, a YouTube video blog, otherwise known as a “Vlog”, which we have yet to break the ice on, but hope to very soon and that through this medium will be able to provide a sort of peephole through which many of our friends and family will be welcome to join us and share in whatever experiences that come along the way. And with a little help from the kids, we are schooling or being schooled in the other big social media venues such as Instagram, Pinterest and, of course, the ever almighty Facebook. These are all sources through which we hope to establish a network of like-minded, free-spirited soul searchers, much like ourselves. If you have read this page to this point, then I suspect that you might just be such a person and we thank you for your attention. We would most certainly love to have you come along with us by choosing to subscribe or follow on any or all of the different media sites I just mentioned above. And if you feel even further inclined, would really make our day, if you would select to share with others you may know that would be interested as well.

As for now, thanks again for stopping by. We appreciate you to the moon and back!


Craig & Nicole – RV Roadramblers