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We're Craig and Nicole!

Picture of Craig and Nicole at Crater Lake

"Every Great Dream Begins with a Dreamer.....or Two"!

    I cannot say for sure when the exact moment happened for us when we realized that we were making “definite” plans or decisions to transition from our normal everyday sedentary lifestyle to the life that we are living today as full time traveling RV’ers other than to say that to look back on those early days is to see a process that on the one hand appears to be amazingly complex, taking into consideration all the intricate details of life events leading us along and yet on the other hand, surprisingly as simple as just deciding to throw caution to the wind and going for it! Whichever version you prefer, the results come out the same and it all begins with a dream.

    Fortunately, for Nicole and I, shortly after we met, discovered that our passions and feelings were quite similar in that we both desired to see and experience more of the world around us.

    Both of our lives were undergoing significant changes that left us feeling as though we might be standing at a virtual crossroads. But, deciding on which way to go, is rarely an easy thing to do!

    Both of us had very successful careers under our belts. I had been thirty plus years climbing the corporate ladder with a very substantial glass manufacturing company and Nicole had devoted eighteen years building her own cleaning and property management business that was flourishing.

    Perhaps, even more difficult were the emotional ties with family and friends we had right there with us. We have six kids between the two of us from previous marriages. I having four and Nicole two and all being very close. So the thought of putting distance between us made for some emotional turmoil for sure!


Left: Nicoles Kids in Jamaica, Middle: Craig & Kids in Florida just before being diagnosed with Cushings Disease, Right: Grandpa Craig  w/ Grandaughter

    Adding to all this confusion was the fact that it had been wrestling with a stress-related illness that was attempting to take from me the ability to live with the freedom that I had known in preceding years, which seriously brought into focus the preciousness of each and every moment and where we can easily tend to take time for granted. 

    Now, after spending a few years as full time traveling RV’ers and tasting the freedom, wonder and daily excitement that comes with the lifestyle, we realize that, for us, that the decision was the right one and as a result,  have developed a strong passion to do our part in passing along what our journey has taught us and continues to teach us on a daily basis, which is why we have decided to put this website together.

    Our purpose and mission is to provide as much straight forward information about what really goes on out here in the community, all the good, the bad and the yet to be determined!

Are you wondering if this lifestyle is for you?

Nicole sitting at computer
After downsizing to the RV, Nicole gets adjusted to the new living space

    Maybe, you’ve been tossing around the idea of changing things up a little. Ok, maybe a lot! You’ve dreamed or are dreaming of what it’s really like to just walk away from everything, let it all go and suddenly be free to live on your own terms. Go where you want to go, when you want to go. And that’s got you thinking, wondering, asking yourself questions like:


 – Could I really live & travel full time in an RV?

– What will it really be like, is it for me?

– What are the real costs of living and traveling full time?

    Then you might find the articles we have posted in the  “Real RV Life“, “Full time RV Gear” or “Money Matters” categories to be helpfull. 

Already a full timer and just looking for some Advice, Suggestions, Recomendations?

Truck full time RVing with sunset in the desert
Serenity & Sunsets in the Arizona Desert

    Try tapping around on our interactive blog post map, or check out our “RV Travel“, “DIY Tips & Tricks” or even browse our YouTube videos to find what your looking for.                                                           

Simply looking to explore vicariously?

Canoes on Moraine Lake in Banff Ntnl Park Canada
Breathtakingly Beautiful Moraine Lake, Banff Ntnl. Park, Canada

    Well then, we think we might just have something for you as well. Our Gallery pages or any one of our Social Media accounts are serving up high doses of virtual eye candy to keep the adventure buzz going! 

    So, regardless of how or why you’ve made your way here to our humble site, the fact and point is, that you did and if any of these questions have been on your mind, at any time, then it only makes sense that you’re here, because we are all about trying to answer whatever questions you might possibly have and to put it in such a way as to make it relatively easy to find. We have broken down and organized the different stories and articles using a variety of ways to get there, including:

By Categories:

  • Real RV Life : The real-life stories, good, bad and the “other”
  • RV Travel : Articles about specific destinations, campgrounds, RV Parks, etc.
  • DIY Tips & Tricks : Articles and or videos designed to save time & money
  • Full-Time RV Gear : Information on products we have tried, tested approved or rejected
  • Money Matters : If it fills or empties your wallet, you’ll probably find it here

By Location:

    If your planning on heading out to a specific state or three and looking for some recommendations have a look at our handy dandy Interactive Blog Post Map Where you can select a state and choose from a list of articles we’ve covered while exploring that area.

YouTube Videos:

    What full time traveling RV enthusiast be complete without full-color HD video to bring it all to life? Come check out our YouTube Channel and if you find yourself inspired be sure to subscribe and turn on those notifications!

Social Media:

    But perhaps most importantly, in order to catch a notification from us whenever we post new content, we would recommend that you subscribe to those notifications here by signing up for our Notification Letter, and I promise that you will never receive spam from the Ramblers! We’re not fans of spam either!! But we do love keeping in touch so help us to do that by subscribing here.

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  We are continually adding new content to this site so be sure to check back often for fresh new articles. However, if for some reason you’re having trouble finding the information you’re looking for, we would really appreciate it if you would drop us an email and let us know to see if we can add that to our list of subjects, which will benefit the community as a whole. You can use our contact form or simply write to us at: RVRoadramblers@Gmail.com  We always enjoy hearing from you!

RV Roadramblers at Kerrey Cliffs
Nicole & I taking in the stunning Emerald Island views of Ireland

One thing that Nicole & I have discovered to be true and hope to convey is that the only limits that can hold us back from living the life of our dreams are the ones that we choose to hold on to. Wherever your dreams take you, we hope to see you there!


Craig & Nicole – RV Road Ramblers

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