A Good trip through the Badlands!

After spending a few months back home in Colorado working on the Alpaca Ranch and taking every opportunity to catch up with our dearly beloved family and friends, the RoadRamblers launched again! Heading North to escape the encroaching heat of the Summer and slowly make our way across this country’s stunning and historic Mid-West.

This time my youngest son, Chase was available to spend the remainder of his Summer break traveling with us as well as our newest member of the Rambler family Zen, a kitten that we had rescued one night from under a crawl space while visiting my oldest Son Collin. Though Chase has had experience adventuring with us in the past, it was definitely all new territory for our baby Zen who, to our surprise, proved to be a natural at road-life and we were very happy to have both along to share in the making of these fine memories!

We created a short video montage of one of our favorite stops along the way as we crossed into the beautiful Black Hills and then dropping down into the stark majestic landscape of the Dakota Badlands. In hopes to share it with you. So, please enjoy!

-Craig R


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